Temperley London (UK)
Temperley London (UK)


An immersive anthology of fantastical wallcoverings that reinterpret the finery and craftmanship of the artful embroidery and delicate prints from a Temperley gown.

Swirling seas of age-old agate, shimmering spots of leopard print, blossoming florals, intricate scissors, swinging monkeys and leaping leopards are but a few of the magical creations that come to life. Discover a curation of designs that will uplift the home and enthral all those around.

Wallcoverings are exclusively sold via Romo. Please contact them directly for samples and enquiries.

Fantastical Prints

Taken from gowns in the Temperley archive – these hand-painted prints create heady and mesmerising wallcoverings.

The hand-painted swirling seas of agate of the Fantasia and the parasol wielding leopards alongside mischievous, swinging monkeys of the Euphoria give permission to let go of reality and explore new wonderlands where the only limit is your imagination. The Roxanne – with its abundance of ornate keys and antique scissors that glisten offers a wonderful display of whimsicality.

The New Neutral


A consistent thread that weaves through the Temperley seasons, leopard print is the soul of the brand. Translated to wallcoverings in a rich range of mediums the motif is the coordinate that threads throughout the collection.

From the ombre Mimi to the small scale Kitty – the neutrals give an all over pattern that exudes decadence.

Hypnotising and Shimmering


Lustrous grounds, flashes of foiled elements and glimmers of metallic touches appear throughout. Emulating the richness of embroidered gowns for which Temperley is renowned, this opulent wallcovering collection adds depth and dimension to any room.

Beguiling and Intricate


Blossoming florals are translated to decadent wallcoverings that envelope the senses.

Artistry is showcased in the Lavinia wallcovering – the intricacies of each stitch of the original embroidered design are replicated through a fine print that adds depth and detail overlaid on the iconic leopard motif.

Swirls of elegant floral blooms in the Bonita climb a richly coloured ground, alive with detail and colour creating a vibrant floral wallcovering.

Pictured from top | Euphoria Wallcovering in Bathroom, Mimi Wallcovering in Office, Roxanne Wallcovering, Lavinia Wallcovering in Bedroom, Kitty Wallcovering and Euphoria Wallcovering