Harper Concierge Service

We understand that finding the right size online can be tricky. That's why we now offer a luxury concierge service – bridging the convenience of online shopping with the experience of shopping in store.

Try on a selection of pieces at a time that suits you. There is no obligation to buy – you only pay for any items you want to keep and then leave the returns to us. All with zero delivery fees.

In proud partnership with Harper Concierge in Greater London.

Temperley London (UK)
Temperley London (UK)

How it works

1. Choose the pieces to try
Select the pieces you would like to try on, click Try Before You Buy in your cart, then book a time that suits you. No payment will be taken at checkout.

2. Try on and decide
Your pieces are hand-delivered for you to try. Your Temperley-trained Style Concierge will be available to advise on fit, styling and products, or can return after 40 mins if preferred.

3. You pay, we take away
Only purchase the pieces you would like to keep. Payment is taken via mobile card reader at the appointment. The Style Concierge will handle the returns of any other items.

About Harper

Harper Concierge is the most convenient way to shop your favourite brands at home. For customers in Greater London, the concierge service involves a 40-minute at-home appointment with a brand-trained Style Concierge who can provide styling advice and support to help you find your perfect piece. You only pay for the items you decide to keep at the end of your try on period.

Payment & Returns

We do not charge for items upfront and there is no obligation to purchase. This is a credit-free service and as such there are no hidden fees or interest charges.

We will take secure payment via our mobile card reader at the end of your appointment. The Style Concierge takes the returned items with them.