Temperley London (UK)
Temperley London (UK)

Repairs & Alterations

Temperley – Fitted by SOJO

Expert tailoring, alterations and repairs, in just a few clicks, collected and delivered to your door.

We've long appreciated and cherished true craftsmanship – the joy of less, impeccable quality over quantity. That’s why we’re bringing you seamless and high quality tailoring and repairs to ensure your items can be loved for longer.

We’ve partnered with SOJO to offer bespoke services on all Temperley garments, whether you’re buying them now or they’re already in your wardrobe – allowing your much-loved and much-worn pieces to be restored, and your favourites to be cherished forever. The magic of memories yet to be made.

Temperley London (UK)
Temperley London (UK)

How it works

1. Book your service
Select a service from our list and describe what you wish to be done. SOJO can walk you through how to pin, match or measure your item for the perfect fit.

2. SOJO gets to work
Your item gets collected and SOJO's expert tailors begin their magic, ensuring that it fits you perfectly and functions flawlessly.

3. Tailored to you
Your item is returned to you via door-to-door collection and delivery in London, and a postal service nationwide.

About SOJO

SOJO is the platform for reshaping wardrobes and reshaping the fashion industry by making alterations and repairs the new standard.

Founded in 2021 by Josephine Philips, a Forbes 30 Under 30, SOJO's mission is to make tailoring and repairs more accessible, driven by a belief in a slower and more considered approach to fashion. SOJO consists of a wonderful team of London-based tailors, riders, technologists and creatives working to accelerate change.


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