Silk Heron Panel

Silk Heron Panel

I bought these herons as a vintage panel many years ago as I collect embroidery and they reminded me of the herons that live on the Somerset moors where I grew up.

I asked my favourite embroidery supplier to make me a mirrored pair for our bar in Somerset and I decided to make a few extra. They can also be made to order with bespoke sizing and border colours.


As a Power Animal, Heron supports you with fresh starts, the discovery of a new path, or creating a new life. The creature’s symbolic ties to Creator Gods, give Heron symbolic links to renewal and rebirth. It is the ideal creature to invoke when you’re trying to start over again or when you’re trying to establish a new path forward in your personal or spiritual life.


Great framed or hanging on a rod. Available facing left or right. Price is for a single panel only.

Dimensions: 59.5cm x 134cm



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