Taking a maximalist approach, this decadent offering of cushions features a host of beautiful designs and bohemian trims. An invitation to add a touch of magic, each cushion is a snapshot of all that is Temperley London x Romo. 
Featuring twelve designs from the collection - from embroidered florals, graphic jacquard weaves and printed velvets - these luxurious cushions come in a generous range of sizes. 
Starting with an initial selection for June, you are now able to purchase this edit of Alice's highlights at Temperley London. Please visit Romo directly or contact us for the full range.

Shop Alice's curated edit of the Temperley x Romo cushions online or at our flagship store in Ilminster, Somerset.

Alice's Cushion Edit

Shop the curated edit of cushions online 

  1. Fantasia Cushion
    Regular Price £257.00
  2. Euphoria Velvet Cushion
    Regular Price £257.00
  3. Delilah Velvet Cushion
    Regular Price £242.00
  4. Lavinia Embroidery Cushion
    Regular Price £185.00
  5. Lavinia Embroidery Cushion
    Regular Price £185.00
  6. Lavinia Embroidery Cushion
    Regular Price £185.00
  7. Mimi Velvet Cushion
    Regular Price £180.00
  8. Bonita Velvet Cushion
    Regular Price £275.00
  9. Bonita Cushion
    Regular Price £242.00
  10. Talulah Cushion
    Regular Price £139.00
  11. Talulah Cushion
    Regular Price £139.00
FROM RIGHT TO LEFT - Saskia Round Copper, Euphoria Velvet Secret Garden, Lavinia Embroidery Somerset Green (Reverse Side) & Mini Velvet Tan

FROM TOP CLOCKWISE - Delilah Velvet in Gold, Sienna & Teal

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT - Farrah Lilac Ash (Reverse Side), Talulah Twilight, Saskia Copper, Fantasia Eclipse, Effie Sienna & Lavinia Embroidery Twilight (Reverse Side)

FROM TOP TO BOTTOM - Bonita Chareau Rose, Lavinia Embroidery Serenata & Lulu Deep River
FROM TOP LEFT TO CLOCKWISE - Lavinia Embroidery Serenata, Lavinia Embroidery Someret Green & Lavinia Embroidery Twilight

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT - Bonita Chareau Rose, Saskia Round Blue Haze, Bonita Velvet Rosa & Lulu Indigo Sky

FROM TOP TO BOTTOM - Euphoria Coral Island, Euphoria Velvet Cobalt & Euphoria Boudoir

FROM TOP TO BOTTOM - Farrah Liliac Ash, Tallulah Tourmaline & Farrah Agave