We are signatories of Pledge for Repair


Temperley London are proud signatories of Pledge to Repair – a coalition of brands who are committed to reducing textile waste by offering a UK-wide repair service for customers.

Spearheaded by Josephine Philips, founder of SOJO, the initiative was launched at the British Fashion Council's annual Institute for Positive Fashion (IPF) Forum in April 2024.

Borne out of Josephine Philips’ frustrations with the vacuum of legislation in the UK fashion industry and combined with SOJO’s values of fighting against our ‘make-use-waste’ culture, Pledge To Repair aims to galvanise brands to promote and commit to extending the life cycle of the clothes they produce through repair and long-term care.

The Pledge to Repair will form a coalition of brands who are committed to reducing textile waste through repairing clothing and to be a signatory a brand has to have a UK-wide repair service for their customers.

The Pledge aims to increase the number of brands committed to offering a repair service to customers. The strength of the coalition will ultimately determine the potential legislative change within the UK regarding EPR, Right-to-Repair and removing VAT from repair services.

The mission and signatories of the Pledge can be found on – where citizens, brands and fashion industry professionals are able to learn more about the importance of repair and also be able to see which fashion brands offer repair services to their customers in their commitment to garment longevity.

We launched our Temperley London Repairs & Alterations Service in partnership with SOJO back in November 2023. Find out more and book your service via our Repairs & Alterations page.

The pledge is open to fashion businesses, circularity business champions and citizens.