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Winter 2018 Trailblazers

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The Winter 2018 collection imagines the Temperley London woman embarking on a unprecedented journey. A relevant tribute to pioneering aviatrixes who inspired women around the world to defy convention. It is a celebration of their fearlessness in pursuit of adventure and freedom that was to be found in the sky.

Workwear inspired silhouettes are emblazoned with embroidered patches referencing the romance of airmail and the decoration of achievement; rich visual references which are re-interpreted throughout the collection.


Daywear is an exercise in contrast. Printed metallic silk fil coupe and fully sequined power mesh dresses paired with boxy cotton drill jackets and luxe Punto Milano coats. High shine for day, rebelling against expectations.

Soft printed tailoring with shawl collars and cropped trousers alongside sharp double breasted pinstripe jackets styled with elegant flying scarves. Belted knit jumpsuits and coats with metallic pinstripes add to a collection rich in knitwear, separates and outerwear.

Aviator jackets in shearling and wool trimmed with Sherpa fleece, followed by oversized quilted trenches layered over looks. Prints emulating starry night skies on satin back crepe suiting and hammered silk dresses.

This season the colour palette is a homage to the era of film noir; from venom, ivy and moss greens to moonbeam, slate and silver greys, peppered with sienna, ochre and soft pinkhues.

Printed neckerchiefs, waisted gold medallion belts and boxing boots for both day and night complete the polished offering.

Eveningwear takes a cue from old Hollywood. Graphic stitch embroidery, which reflect the diagrammatic drawings of early flying machines and parachute strings, adorn floor skimming gowns. Full silhouettes in liquid gold lame evoke the metallic sheen of aeroplanes and asymmetric engineered sequins, imitating folded ribbons, wrap around the body to expose the sheerest of panels.


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