Temperley has come home.

What began as a wild idea for Alice in the dark early days of Lockdown soon became a fixation, then a plan, and after five months of labour, passion and true conviction, the doors to the brand’s brave new world are finally open.

Set in Phoenix Studios, in the main square of the picturesque town of Ilminster, the 22,000 square foot Victorian building is a multi-purpose headquarters housing the brand’s design atelier and a training workshop; a store offering both current collections and archive pieces, and of course a bar, the Somerset, which will serve cocktails and cider from her parents’ cider farm.

But the move to Somerset is about more than a building. Temperley has always stood for craft and timeless luxury. This ethos was born and raised in the green hills of Somerset. By moving the brand’s atelier, workshop, suppliers and some limited production to Somerset, the brand is blazing a new direction in fashion based on value, time, community and sustainability.

Less, but definitely more.

‘Somerset is the birthplace of the brand and the place that breathes life and magic, passion and freedom into my soul,’ says Alice, ‘Lockdown made me think a lot about what I want to stand for, where we are going and what’s next for the brand. What’s next for fashion, and what that means for the world. Like many people, I dug deep and decided to make some changes.

We have always sought to share the Somerset dream with the world, and this is how we’re going to do it.’