Temperley London has partnered with COCO - The Art of Chocolate, on the design of three new limited edition bars.

Isle of Skye Sea Salt Dark Chocolate

Artwork: Sunshade, Temperley London

Salted Caramel Milk Chocolate

Artwork: Leonie, Temperley London

Gin & Tonic Dark Chocolate

Artwork: Harmony, Temperley London

“I love great chocolate and there is natural synergy between COCO and Temperley London – we are both proudly British and celebrate craftmanship at its best. Our three hand-painted prints artfully adorn the chocolate bars creating the ultimate, delicious, indulgent Christmas gift”.

Alice Temperley MBE

"For COCO this was an irresistible partnership. Both brands have a modern elegance shaped by zealous commitment and craftmanship. While the Temperley team hand-embellish, our COCO chocolatiers hand-craft. Neither of us is afraid of bold colours and prints, both of us set out to seduce your eye. A real sense of freedom and ability to transport ripples between both our brands. COCO is a canvas for artists and artisans alike; those who dare to innovate, inspire and challenge. At Temperley there is no compromise on style or substance. It’s what hooked us. Finding Temperley artwork with which to dress our new COCO Chocolatier limited edition collection was a vibrant and collaborative process."

Calum Haggerty, Brand Director & Founder of COCO Chocolatier

Coco is a leading ethical chocolatier manufacturer, sourcing the finest Colombian couverture, to then create chocolate products in their Edinburgh kitchen with a team of passionate chocolatiers. The brand’s affinity with contemporary art and design has made it a key player in Scotland’s contemporary cultural landscape. From Edinburgh they export their values and passions worldwide. By treating every product as a miniature work of art, COCO has joined the international art and design conversation; enveloping its chocolates in designs by established and emerging artists and brands from all over the world.

The COCO x Temperley London limited edition collection is available for purchase as a set for £18 across Temperley London stores and at www.cocochocolatier.com.