Introducing a new range of sustainable unisex outerwear.

A bottle. A fisherman. A gale: these are the elements that inspired Temperley’s bold foray into the elements. As Alice fast discovered when she relocated to Somerset, there’s no getting away from the vagaries of British weather, so one may as well get into it with aplomb.

Temperley Outerwear brings the magical world of Temperley into the great outdoors. A capsule collection of coats designed and made in Somerset, the outerwear is crafted with sustainability, durability and craftsmanship at its core. That the finish is exquisite – quilted, gilded with brass buttons and luxuriously cut – should come as no surprise.   

The Bottle

Alice has been visiting the windswept Jurassic coastline in Dorset since she was a little girl. She and her siblings would go to collect precious shells and stones to take home as treasure. More recently, she found herself noticing plastic bottles and marine debris. The more she looked into the problem, the more she started to see there was something she could do.

Alice’s research led her to a local factory in Somerset where outerwear for the military and police was being created using recycled fabrics, including a fleece made of plastic bottles collected from the ocean. This fleece now forms the cosy interior of the Jurassic parka.

An uncompromising approach to sustainability dictates the making of these garments: from the small quantities of fabric to the military-grade coated seams made of recycled plastic, to the apprenticeship programme designed to train local talent in the craft -- every step of the garment-making process is rigorously sense-checked to minimise carbon and waste and to maximise local industry.

Plastic bottles have never looked better.

The Fisherman

There’s a port in Dorset called Lyme Regis; come rain or shine the fishermen pile into small trawlers to catch, plaice, Dover sole and local ray. And they know how to dress for the weather: covered head to toe in glistening oilskin macs, these burly figures formed a backdrop to Alice’s childhood conscience. Their sweeping cover-ups inform the striking silhouette of the Kingsbury mac. Cut long and roomy with a capacious hood atop a storm cape, the Kingsbury is cut from the finest organic cotton, waxed and backed with a waterproof membrane to ensure protection against the wildest of squalls. The very Temperley touches come from elegant brass finishes and a beautifully untamed self-drawn leopard print for those who prefer to stand out in a storm. The Kingsbury is cut large so that it can be worn by both men and women, effectively closing the circle and leading right back to the fishermen from whence the inspiration came.

The Gale

Temperley outerwear has been designed to withstand the most ardent of winter gales. Warm, dry, wind repelling and rain repelling, the coats have been tested to withstand 20,000 mm waterproofing pressure. Winter is coming. But we can relax knowing that high fashion has finally embraced the elements. 

Discover Temperley London's Autumn Winter 2021 collection online.