Paying homage to Alice’s home shire, Temperley’s Autumn Winter 2022 offering fuses dream and reality.

The first collection to be designed solely in Somerset, it encapsulates the magic of the county’s spirit — open expanses, infinite possibility, profound freedom.

All-night parties before mucking out the stables; country scenes and urban sensibilities; sharp masculine suiting with traditionally feminine frills.

Seeming contradictions that blend for a blissful bucolic balance.

Archetypes ripped apart and reconfigured with a twist for maximum drama; intricate corded leather appliqué, reams of sheer seersucker plaid, cartoonish motifs.

A Temperley signature, crisp tailoring is present in luxurious wool crepes, weighty sateens and louche Seventies detailing. The hero: a fresh take on the single-breasted two-piece, made in Somerset.

A continuous thread throughout, united by the fastidious workmanship and attention, each piece is palpably Alice.

Sexy, witty, playful — carving a path between two seeming contrasts, finding the fun in the double life.

Alice offers a window in to the creativity behind the collection…

What was your inspiration?

‘At a time of our own migration — from our London HQ back to the roots of the brand in Somerset, we couldn’t help but draw from the Great Frontier. A sense of the unknown adventure ahead, where the surrounding resources and landscape shape all creative output.

‘With this sense of optimism and onward-looking, ‘50s Americana and the rise in subcultures at this hopeful point in history piqued our interest. David Lynch’s Twin Peaks was our main focus — the surreal and pivoted interpretation of these archetypes, which was our intention when fusing the West Country and Wild West Americana.’

Particularly the idea of bringing the ‘cowgirl’ to Somerset?

‘The woman at the heart of the collection is daring, hardy and bold. Country music pioneers embody the gritty, romantic mood of this season: Loretta Lynn, Dolly Parton, Beryl Harrell, June Carter.

‘We felt there were great parallels in teaming the bohemian, wild spirit of Somerset — known as ‘the land of the Summer people’ — with this Rebel Without a Cause, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid Americana mood.’

Were there differences in the process, designing from the brand’s new home?

‘We were able to draw from our 20-year archive and my full collection of vintage pieces in a way that was never possible within the London space constraints.’

What brought on the particular desire to play with classic styles and archetypes?

‘Reinvention and mixing surprisingly contradictory influences is usually a recipe for innovation and finding unexpected, new and interesting ideas.

‘The design process was especially focused on playful collaged imagery, so the resulting visuals were wonderfully surreal and surprising.’

Where did the idea for this season’s colours come from?

‘This season’s colour palette has a Lynchian aura, hinting at a Twin Peaks-style take on the quaint Fifties-isms — mixing with the new-age and a grittier perspective. Mustard yellows, modernist shades of turquoises, desert scape shades of gold.’

Are there any new techniques present you’re particularly excited by?

‘The Dallas story uses this beautiful hotfix stud embellished technique, inspired by rhinestone Nudie suits but with a clean, impactful modernity.

‘The Texas studded jacket has a dramatic draped collar, designed from heavy workwear ranch belts, reinterpreted in this elegant silhouette. It’s constructed with interlinking studded leather scales — involving over 40 pattern pieces for the collar alone.’

What’s your favourite story?

‘The maxi scale hand-painted patchwork print in the Palomino print story —which was the visual starting point of the collection, evolving from an initial collage of mine — is a truly wow factor look. Especially worn with the embroidered patchwork Sundance jacket.

‘Also the Pinkney tailoring from a local Somerset fabric mill epitomises the Wild West Country look of the season completely.’

Our Autumn Winter 2022 Collection is available online from September, shop new arrivals.