‘It takes a very long time to become young.’ 

Pablo Picasso

Now is  the time to reconnect to the little dreamer inside.

To see the world in all its natural super-abundant colour and glory. To understand only possibility and to feel the lightness of being.

Autumn Winter 2020 is a homecoming for Alice Temperley.

It’s about a return to form, with Temperley leitmotifs such as the three-piece suit and the honeycomb knit coming in strong – but it’s also a return to innocence. The innocence of childhood in green fields; of making things just because they are beautiful; of dressing up, running wild, following instinct. 

The campaign was shot in Alice’s house in Somerset. Cricket Court has long been the setting for some legendary parties, and many stories have been spun underneath its eaves. But to Alice it’s just home.

Home means a connection to self and, in the case of Temperley, to nature. The bounty of mother nature is always present in Temperley collections, and this season it’s wrapped up in blossoming rose petals that glisten with lurex in the Honeymoon story, or the intricate knit pattern of the Honeycomb jumper, borrowed directly from the bees. Pieces are made to move seamlessly between states of inside/outdoor living: billowing silk dresses to pair with hiking boots and then slippers when it’s time to come inside for lunch, and knitwear to shrug on top of slips when the moon begins to rise.

Temperley makes clothes for unconventional women, who dream wildly and are unafraid to see the world through young eyes.