The eclectic inspiration and creative process underpinning the print of the season

Temperley’s hand painted Cateye print is an extravaganza of eclectic influences, taking inspiration from across the eras and reimagining a Temperley classic.

The print, featuring vintage sunglasses strewn across a zebra-print background takes cues from Seventies detective movies and Bohemian style. The sunglasses play peekaboo with the animal print in a teasing, whimsical way, for the most stylish Somerset safari imaginable.

The Cateye designs – a coat, a jumpsuit and two dresses – are crafted in a lightweight textured cotton jacquard fabric in two colourways. The result is four statement styles that couldn’t be easier to wear.

A long-sleeve dress showcases Alice’s playful way with proportions, with voluminous sleeves and wafty layers balanced out with a defined waist.

The strappy style offers a new take on SS21’s popular Reef sundress.

The easy, breezy coat (which moonlights as a beach cover-up) and fitted yet flowing jumpsuit can be styled together, creating a signature Temperley look for all weathers.

Here, Alice offers a window into the creativity behind the new print.  


How did you dream up the design?

We had been watching lots of Seventies detective films — a whole array, but especially Agatha Christie. The red-herring plot twists and whodunnit reveals inspired the idea of a play on a camouflage print, disguising surprising motifs within.’

Where was it created?

‘The print was designed while we were setting up our new design space in Somerset, so I was spending a lot of time on trains between there and London. That may have triggered the Agatha Christie — I suppose Orient Express, in particular — “Eureka!” moment.’

How long did it take to get this print just right?

We experimented with many versions and alterations of the design. The simplicity meant small details led the process of creating the most harmonious camouflaging and merging of elements — exactly the right distribution and scattering of colour, the precise angles and styles of the sunglasses.’

In four distinct yet cohesive styles, in two colourways, the Cateye print adds a sense of freedom to your sunny weather wardrobe.