Discover our exclusive collection, inspired by the performances and energy of a leading surrealist dancer

Encapsulating the energy of the Belle Époque era, our Can-Can print takes inspiration from dance pioneer Loie Fuller.

Fuller was known for integrating billowing lengths of fabric into her performances, creating the illusion of a dancing flower. In so doing, she came to embody the passion of the Art Nouveau movement and the Folies Bergère.

Our hand-painted design, with its bold fusion of elements, promises to inject Fuller-esque energy into your summer wardrobe.

In two vibrant and distinctive colourways, the four-piece Can-Can collection comprises fresh takes on Temperley staples: a sleeveless ruffle dress, skirt, mini dress and short kimono.

Our new kimono features a shorter hem to create the perfect sunny cover-up. It’s made to throw on for a leisurely poolside lunch, or style with wide-leg jeans for a whizz past the sights on a city break.

We ask Alice about the processes behind the dynamic motif…

How and where did you dream up the design?

I found myself fascinated by old Hollywood dance films around the time of the pandemic – firstly Ginger Rogers and Rita Hayworth, then Busby Berkeley [an American director and choreographer, known for his extravagant musical productions that involved dancers creating kaleidoscopic geometric patterns]. As my interest grew, I discovered Loie Fuller – a sort of pioneer of the movement, prior to those later references. Maybe I was seeking some optimism and magic – or at least missing dance floors!

Where was it created?

In between Somerset and London; the concept was realised and collaged together in our Somerset studios, painted by our designer in London, then colours and fabrics were selected and reviewed back in Somerset. A fluid and dynamic process, as reflected in the design.

How long did it take?

The artwork itself took about two days to compose and finalise. Then the development stage was staggered over a period of about two months.

In four distinct yet cohesive styles, the Can-Can print adds a freedom of spirit to your summer dressing.

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