Creative and courageous; the women who inspire the beauty, spirit and energy behind Alice’s creations.

Even the greatest creative brains require those who serve as inspiration.

Some of the most aspirational people on the planet, including friends of Alice’s; these are the women whose beauty, spirit and energy inspires Temperley creations.

Meet our muses.

Nathalie Emmanuel

Why she’s Temperley: ‘A dear friend, she’s spunky, talented and truly one of the nicest people I’ve ever met.’

Vanessa Kirby

Why she’s Temperley: ‘She takes risks and she’s got an incredible character that she brings to whatever she’s wearing.’

Munroe Bergdorf

Why she’s Temperley: ‘She’s a beautiful and brave person, inside and out. The perfect Temperley woman.’

Penelope Cruz

>Why she’s Temperley: ‘That energy and elegance — she shines.’

Sandra Bullock

Why she’s Temperley: ‘She knows her mind, so always looks comfortable in her outfit choices. A true star.’

Jacqui Ritchie

Why she’s Temperley: ‘She’s got a bold and beautiful style that perfectly complements the Temperley aesthetic — and she’s not afraid to try new things.’

Florence Welch

Why she’s Temperley: ‘Her spirited lifestyle and look — she’s a kindred.’


Why she’s Temperley: ‘The queen. We’re all about women empowering women.’

Elle Fanning

Why she’s Temperley: ‘She exudes a youthful, easygoing energy, and doesn’t adhere to expectation.’ 

Julia Roberts

>Why she’s Temperley: ‘A classic and elegant soul, she brings a kind of old school glamour to what she wears.’

Salma Hayek

Why she’s Temperley: ‘Her free spirit and energy gives life to a look.’


Why she’s Temperley: ‘Her creativity knows no bounds. We just love her.’

Corinne Bailey Rae

Why she’s Temperley: ‘Her glowing beauty, energy and charisma is completely contagious.’

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Why she’s Temperley: ‘A classical beauty and strong-willed personality, she exudes femininity.’

Laura Bailey

>Why she’s Temperley: ‘A great friend, her personal styling brings an unexpected spin to every piece she chooses.’

Elle Macpherson

Why she’s Temperley: ‘She radiates beauty, inside and out.’

Arizona Muse

Why she’s Temperley: ‘She’s a dear friend who, put simply, looks amazing in everything.’

Andrea Riseborough

Why she’s Temperley: 'Always a picture of immaculate elegance.’

Gwen Stefani

Why she’s Temperley: ‘Her warmth, her energy, her fantastically unique and characterful styling.’

Greta Gerwig

Why she’s Temperley: ‘She’s a talented, confident and powerful woman.’