Certain moments in any woman’s life are inextricably entwined with dresses. The ones she wore for the best days of her life, and the ones that animated her most exultant nights. The ones that made her feel like the ultimate version of herself, and the ones that transported her above and beyond anything she could have imagined – these are dresses that transcend season and time to become simply legendary. 

Temperley London’s Heritage Collection is an ingathering of dresses fit for life’s greatest celebrations. Suffused with nostalgia and steeped in excitement, they are treasures in which to mark out a life well lived.

"When so much work goes into a beautiful piece, it should last forever."

– Alice Temperley MBE

These are the dresses that people always remember and react to. There’s a story behind each and every one.

In the past, if a woman dreamt of wearing a specific gown she remembered from a red carpet or magazine editorial, she would have to seek it out – a pursuit requiring detective work and the not insignificant element of luck. No longer. Now she can choose from the brightest and boldest designs from Temperley London’s history. 

Designs like those from the Opera, Talia and Celestial stories, are just three of the new design families joining the Heritage Collection.

The Talia story, with striking embroideries on the softest Italian tulle and its panel of pink sequins, nods to the Golden Age of Hollywood. With its hummingbirds, vines and graphic stitch-work, one can almost imagine Elizabeth Taylor wearing it to a film premiere.

The Opera Tattoo and Strappy dress feature layers of embroidery on a fine-dot tulle, referencing the shadowy wings of opera houses, and are finished with vibrant sequin borders.

The Toledo dress is inspired by an heirloom shawl from Alice’s family collection. And the Celestial story – an allover sequin beauty that shimmers like the night sky over water – returns this season in midnight blue and absinthe.

Shimmering sequins, exquisite embroideries, hand-beaded flowers and yard upon yard of gossamer tulle – luxurious details abound. This attention to detail elevates these dresses beyond that which is merely fashion and into the realm of future heirlooms. 

"These dresses are our most special pieces. They tell a story about craftsmanship and they’ll last a lifetime.""

– Alice Temperley MBE

In a bid to reduce material wastage, all are created in small production runs with made to order requests always welcomed.

Handpicked by Alice, this capsule collection remains available season after season, and will never go on sale.

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