Get a glimpse into Alice's illustrious treasure trove...

Building on the success of opening our Archives last year, Temperley London is now offering the brand’s most precious pieces globally. Discover the best of Temperley over the last 22 years anywhere in the world via a new virtual private shopping experience with Alice Temperley. Keeping the fantasy alive and letting new stories be told by giving you an exclusive chance to explore the treasure trove that tells a thousand tales, from anywhere in the world. In addition to our online offering, we are bringing it back to the heart of the brand — with virtual private shopping appointments hosted at Phoenix Studios in Somerset.

Amidst the backdrop of our private appointment suite, Alice and our personal stylist, Sophie will share her in-depth knowledge of your carefully chosen pieces — including intricate daywear dresses, tailoring and eveningwear featuring exquisite details showcasing the artistry and craftsmanship Temperley London is known for, as well as our little sister line, ready to wear and exclusive one-off items made here in Somerset.

‘This is an opportunity to revisit these sleeping beauties; our most cherished designs, all in one place - a bespoke curation just for you’ says Alice.

‘I’m very excited to have this opportunity to welcome you to our World of Temperley in Somerset and offer you a bespoke experience with our favourite pieces.’

Make an appointment to explore the exclusive Temperley archives and beyond by emailing Sophie Crossley,

View our online selection of Archive Pieces