Alchemy is the shrouded practice of liberating forms from their previous state and turning them into precious matter. What forms come before each Temperley dress? Why, hours, years, ideas, skills, sequins, sketches, pirates, peonies, patience - the list goes on and on. Craftsmanship is the definition of real luxury; alchemy is the magic of it all. This is how Temperley is made.

‘The hero piece of this and every collection is a single gown, made only to order, the epitomizes the brand’s methodology, This dress must be passed from master to master to receive its decorative treatments. They are layered on heavy against the fine base material. The patterns are made up of far-flung references that pay no regard to geography or chronology. This is Alice’s alchemy, taking ingredients from around the world and through time, with no care for the correct order of things. Instead, a heartfelt appreciation of craftsmanship and skill. From this, she spins gold.’

Excerpt from Alice Temperley: English Myths and Legends

Words by Lucy Yeomans