Temperley London brings back the Honeycomb Sweater.

Some things just get better with time. It can take from 7 days to 2 months for bees to make their honeycomb. And it takes over three hours of specialist knitting, with a further 3 hours of finishing to make one Temperley Honeycomb sweater. The time and craft put into each piece makes it an enduring Temperley classic, which holds as much charm today as it did when Alice first designed it over twenty years ago.

Alice first created the soft wool sweater in 1997 while studying at Central Saint Martins. Always galvanised by the patterns intrinsic to nature, Alice had become enthralled with the hexagonal perfection in bees’ honeycomb. She created the intricate knitting technique on a loom in university over a period of 3 weeks. Twenty years later, Alice has finally found the right partner to recreate that specialist technique and re-launch the special design to the market.

The jumper is crafted in a family-run atelier in the North of Italy, where the raised geometric pattern on the cuffs and the oversized roll neck is knitted without compromising on the exceptional softness of the felted wool. Each section of the jumper is knitted and finished separately before being linked together to maintain the exactitude of the pattern, just as you would find it in nature.

The original Honeycomb jumper has been worn by some of the world’s most stylish women including Kate Moss, Padma Lakshmi, Angelina Jolie and the Duchess of Cambridge. Unique in its ability to be soft and sharp at the same time, it will be available this season in a range of twilight hues such as lilac, powder blue and pale rose, as well as black, buttermilk and navy for the classicists of the Temperley tribe. Shop the Honeycomb knits here.