Temperley dresses come alive in the stars, on wild and beautiful souls, at parties that last 'til dawn.

Nowhere is this more apparent than on her brides.

“Bridal is where Alice’s training in textiles shines brightest. Hand-worked layers of crystal bugle beads, mirrored circles like some exploded disco ball, bright colours embroidered over layers of tulle, white on white on white- there is no signature style. That is the point. The power of these dresses is in their distinction.

Alice has dressed a thousand brides. When she says, “all weddings are myths,” she demands more of the word than we have come to expect; she means brazen romance. Love like fire. No apologies. Make a woman a legend for one day, and she knows she can be strong, fast, outrageous, savage, vulnerable, unbelievable, smart, political, unwise, unfettered, unreasonable, undone, everything for all the others she lives. Temperley brides don’t need their groom, they want him.

Excerpt from Alice Temperley: English Myths and Legends

Words by Lucy Yeomans

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