Because every ‘maid deserves to be happy with her look

Even the simplest wedding involves a lot of planning – and one of the thorniest aspects of organising the day can be the bride’s choice of dresses for her bridesmaids.

Thankfully, the old rules about children-only or bridesmaids in cookie-cutter looks no longer apply. Today, some brides select a strict shade and style (and cover the cost), others offer a general colour palette (anything goes, as long as it doesn’t match the mother of the bride), and still others direct their bridesmaids to choose something they love. In many ways, the latter can be the trickiest dress code of all.

It’s important for brides to clarify their wishes early in the dress-selection process. It’s always a good idea to save your bridesmaids from any uncertainty or awkwardness around the budget, and of course to avoid wasting time looking at not-quite-right dresses.

Here, Alice shares her insights on how to choose a bridesmaid dress…

“Colour and shape is important in relation to your own dress – something with corresponding tones, details or fabrications can keep the line-up looking cohesive. Bear in mind that women have different bodies, hair and skin tones, and preferences. If something you had in mind will make one of your favourite people feel uncomfortable, it’s not worth it.”

What should bridesmaids wear to…

…a country wedding?

Mismatched bridesmaid dresses are in keeping with the relaxed feel of a country wedding – and they ensure options for different body types. Jubilant hues or kaleidoscopic prints that complement one another, like our Valerie Strappy and Halter Dresses, can pull the look together without straying into cookie-cutter territory. Avoid spindly stiletto heels if it’s been raining, or your gang may get stuck in the soft ground.

…a city wedding?

See: Lolli Wrap Dress, Lolli Dress

Luxe textures suit intimate city affairs. Our glamorous satin Lolli Wrap and Lolli Dresses – which translate easily from town hall ceremony to eveningwear – make a statement in our delicate sun-kissed shade or vibrant ivy green.

…a black tie wedding?

See: Natascha Dress, Piper Dress

Metallic or sequin bridesmaid options may seem extravagant, but a black-tie dress code gives your bridesmaids permission to go for it. Exuding opulence, with fil coupé detailing and our signature degradé artwork, our Natascha and Piper Dresses are confident ways to cast extra sparkle over your event.

…a religious wedding?

Not only are more modest styles respectful of the religious nature of the occasion, but there are practical considerations to keep in mind as well – such as, will your bridesmaids be sitting or standing through the ceremony, and does the village church have a chill? Our Ossie Dress in pretty pastel seersucker would suit a summery church wedding followed by a mosey down the village lane to the marquee. For a more sophisticated yet relaxed look, our Palmae Print Dress – in draped hammered satin, decorated with hand painted palms – can be worn with ankle tie-heels or flats.

…a beach wedding?

Our Cateye Print Jumpsuit and Coat, Farrah Dress and Kimono.

The warmth and alfresco setting offers bridesmaids and guests alike the opportunity to embrace zingy hues and energetic prints. Decorated with hand-painted gouache artwork, our cotton jacquard Cateye Print Jumpsuit makes for a much-loved Temperley look – especially when paired with the matching coat. The same can be said for our crepe-backed satin Palmae Strappy Dress and Jacket.

…a winter wedding?

See: Dreamer Dress, Lolli Wrap Dress

Unconventionally and rather elegantly avoiding ‘wedding season’, winter weddings also open great possibilities in terms of the bridal party’s wardrobe. Rich colours, plush fabrics, embellishments and metallic detailing add an elegant sparkle.

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