2022’s wedding boom is officially underway. Alice tells us how to shine, no matter the dress code.

The dates are saved, the RSVPs are sent… Now it’s time to think about what you’re going to wear – and it’s rarely as simple as choosing something you adore.

Weddings alone could justify a whole wardrobe’s worth of options – a flourish of frou-frou tulle may be just the thing for a countryside celebration, while sleekly draped silk is fitting for an intimate town hall affair. We spoke to Alice for her expert insight into how to get wedding-guest dressing right…

The aim is to find something you feel amazing in, ready to speak to potentially a whole host of people you haven’t seen in a few years, that doesn’t make you feel body-conscious or restricted. Confetti-throwing, bouquet-catching, drinking a flute of champagne, dancing until the early hours – these days put outfits through their paces, and a full range of motion is imperative.

A country wedding

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Picture marquees, hay bales and humanist ceremonies at relaxed yet riotous gatherings sure to make the most of the – hopefully beautiful – summer weather. Almost anything goes, from a jubilant kaleidoscope of summery shades and whimsical prints, to romantic shapes and fabrications. Remember: there won’t be anywhere to check your coat, your heels will sink into the grass, forecasts can be temperamental and floor-sweeping dresses may get muddy. Dress accordingly.

A city wedding

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Something understated and elegant is the way to go for small city affairs. Often these more intimate celebrations see the couple tone down their outfits – prioritise polish over pizazz with jewel-toned silks, metallic embellishment, shimmering georgette or jacquard.

A black-tie wedding

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These occasions are famously formal, but that doesn’t have to mean boring. Have fun with the dress code: the moment you receive the fancy stationery, start dreaming about the excuse to wear a full-length gown or cocktail dress – something that happens with woeful rarity.

A religious wedding

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Whether it’s a faith ceremony or a more relaxed order of service followed by a meandering walk down a greenery-framed country lane, you probably don’t want too much skin on show – out of respect both to propriety and unpredictable temperatures. You may want to steer clear of black.

A beach wedding

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See it as an opportunity to embrace exuberant brights and bold prints in lightweight, floaty fabrications. Separates can be a savvy choice, especially when styled in a way that complements the temperature changes and plans throughout the day. Drinks on the veranda in the mid-afternoon? Let a silk camisole elevate the look.

A winter wedding

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A break from the norm, nuptials between October and April can create quite the outfit conundrum. Lower temperatures call for plusher fabrics (shimmery silks are beautiful on a frosted backdrop), higher necklines, longer hems and considered outerwear. If you find yourself struck by indecision, it’s worth remembering the tailored suit – one in a sumptuous fabric like velvet or crepe-backed satin is the perfect solution.