Wonderland by Alice

Hosted in our flagship Somerset store, find Alice's hand selected treasures.


Lalla Washbag


Tiffin Lunch Boxes


Lalla Weekend Bag


Lace Panels


Lalla Shopper


Christy’s London Hats


Lalla Laptop Case


Birds Of Paradise Sequin Panel


Lalla Shoulder Bag


Make Skincare


Swan and Irises Sequin Panel


Intricate Cotton Lace Tablecloth


The Leopard Rug


Printed Tablecloths


Harmony Quilt


Black Sherezade Runner


Spring Green Sherezade Runner


Fuchsia Sherezade Runner


The Tiger Poppy Rug 


Silk Heron Panel


Lotus Quilt


Euphoria Quilt


Mosiac Crochet Quilt


Rossella Quilt


Dusky Rose Quilt


Temperley Pirate Backgammon Set


Temperley Bead Backgammon Set


Temperley Swan Backgammon Set


Javanese Golden Metal Headdress


Indonesian Silvered Metal Large Ceremonial Headdress


Balinese Golden Metal Ceremonial Headdress