New Guinea Linear Shell Bag

New Guinea Linear Shell Bag

Braided Fibre Bag with Parallel Lines of Shells

For years I have collected antiquities and tribal treasures on my travels and I love the stories that they all must tell. I often prefer them on my walls to a painting. These items are all totally unique and come from Papua New Guinea. My friend Peter has travelled the world and I am very lucky that he is sharing some of this precious collection with us.


A unique bag as statement interior piece or a talking point if worn. This bag has stories to tell, the origins of the shells from the beaches of Papua New Guinea and the hours and hours of labour not only to hand knit the base but the love and hours which have gone into applying all the beautiful shells.

The bag measures approximately 24cm x 28cm with a woven flap.

Strap approx. 150cm without the knot.



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