Temperley Bridal Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the price range of your bridal collection? 

    The bridal collection price point ranges from £2,000.00-£8,000.00 with most dresses falling between £3,000.00-£4,000.00. Please note this cost does not include alterations which most dresses will need to achieve a perfect fit.

    As part of our bridal collection, we also offer accessories such as veils or headpieces. These range between £200-£1,000.00 except for very detailed veils at £2,300.00.

    Any customisation requests will increase the pricing slightly and will need to be discussed with your stylist during your appointment.

  • How long does it take to get a Temperley Bridal dress? 

    For our made to order collection, upon placing your order it can take between 3-6 months. This excludes alterations which most bridal dresses will require to get the perfect fit. Kindly note that all our veils and accessories are also made to order.

    We also offer an edit of bridal styles which are available to purchase instore immediately, alongside our eveningwear collection which many of our brides also favour. Your stylist will talk you through all options based on your wedding date during your consultation.

  • Is there a rush order service? 

    Yes, for some clients we realise that the production time frames may not be achievable for your event. Therefore, we also have the option across our made to order collections to reduce the production time frame on a selection of bridal gowns. Please kindly note this is not a guarantee for all dresses and each dress will need to be confirmed by our production team. The rush service does incur a fee which your stylist will be able to confirm.

  • Will I need alterations?

    Upon confirming your chosen dress, you will be measured by your stylist and your dress will be ordered to the closest standard UK size between UK6-24.

    Alterations will be required to achieve the perfect fit or to make any small adjustments you may require such as length.

    All alterations are carried out by a skilled seamstress and the cost of this is an addition to your dress. Average costs are between £150-£350, with the maximum charge being £350.

  • Do you offer bespoke dresses? 

    Yes, we do. Alice Temperley works directly with brides on bespoke dresses and only takes on a limited number of clients per year. This one-on-one service begins with a meeting at our flagship head office and design studio where you and Alice will sit down and discuss what you’re looking for (maybe with a Somerset cocktail or two!), the process can take between 6 to 9 months.

    After the consultation you will be provided with the sketch of your dress and then begin choosing from a range of bespoke Bridal fabric swatches. Our bespoke dresses are made to measure, and prices start from £10,000.00. To proceed with the appointment with Alice we require a non-refundable £2,500.00 deposit. The deposit will go towards the cost of the bespoke dress should you decide to go ahead with your custom design.

  • How many guests can I bring to my appointment?

    We can accommodate up to 3 guests plus the Bride.

  • Can I take pictures during my appointment?

    Yes. Our stylists are also happy to take pictures for you if you come to an appointment on your own.

  • What size are your sample gowns?

    We hold a range of dresses in different sizes depending on the showroom you visit. Most of the samples are in a UK8 and UK12 with some styles available in UK16. Our team are fully equipped to accommodate different sizes using industry techniques such as pins and panels.

  • What should I bring to my appointment?

    The team suggests you were skin-coloured underwear. If possible, a shoe with a similar height that you may wear on your wedding day to give you an idea of how the dress will sit. We do have some shoes in store if you aren’t able to bring any with you. Please avoid wearing any heavy makeup or tanning products.

  • Where else can I try on a Temperley Bridal dress?

    Besides for our two flagship bridal boutiques in London and Somerset you can visit one of our worldwide stockists. Click here to see the list. We also offer complimentary virtual appointments with clients worldwide, which is a great way to get a sense of the dresses on offer. To book an appointment (virtual or in-store) email bridal@temperleylondon.com

  • What is a Trunk show?

    A trunk show is an exclusive event that is hosted by a stockist of the brand. These events immerse you in experiencing the World of Temperley bridal by seeing an extended edit of the bridal collection local to you, alongside special touches brought to you by the boutique and brand. 

    To view our up and coming events please click here.

  • I purchased from a stockist, who do I contact?

    We are unable to offer any assistance on orders placed outside our website.
    In case you have purchased Product directly from one of our stockists or retailers (bridal inclusive), we strongly recommend to contact them directly. It is their legal responsibility to offer any aftercare, including refunds, returns, exchanges or repairs and we would need to respect their policies.

    Please be advised the above policy also covers sample sale purchases.