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Somerset and the West Country has been hit by the worst disaster in its history. Thousands of people and animals displaced by terrible flooding with some villages having been under deep water for 6 weeks. With more high winds and rains brought about by unusual storms this disaster is set to get a lot worse.

Alice’s family are suffering and her neighbours are losing their industry and there is currently very little anyone can do to help.

The public want to help but they just don’t know how – there is so little official action and so much talk – we are linking to this important community charity through our website and using all our social media power to guide people on how and where to give. My 98 year old Grandfather has been displaced along with so many of our family friends, I want to use the international exposure of our show at London Fashion Week this weekend to get everyone talking about what is happening on our very doorstep.

Every seat at the Winter 14 runway show will have a personal note from Alice appealing to the audience to support using the hashtag #FLOODSUPPORT to raise awareness and get people steered into action. There will also be a bottle of ‘Kingston Black'  Apple Aperitif from her family farm, Burrow Hill in Somerset to remind people of the important local industry at threat.


Temperley will be hosting a number of fund raising initiatives including a public sample sale in the next few months of treasures pulled from Alice’s own personal clothing archive.

 Somerset Emergency Flood Relief Fund Appeal

Please show your support by using the #Floodsupport  #Temperley

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