Taking a maximalist approach, this decadent offering of cushions features a host of beautiful designs and bohemian trims. An invitation to add a touch of magic, each cushion is a snapshot of all that is Temperley London x Romo.
Featuring twelve designs from the collection - from embroidered florals, graphic jacquard weaves and printed velvets - these luxurious cushions come in a generous range of sizes.

Shop Alice's curated edit of the Temperley x Romo cushions at our flagship store in Ilminster, Somerset.

FROM RIGHT TO LEFT - Saskia Round Copper, Euphoria Velvet Secret Garden, Lavinia Embroidery Somerset Green (Reverse Side) & Mini Velvet Tan

FROM TOP CLOCKWISE - Delilah Velvet in Gold, Sienna & Teal

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT - Farrah Lilac Ash (Reverse Side), Talulah Twilight, Saskia Copper, Fantasia Eclipse, Effie Sienna & Lavinia Embroidery Twilight (Reverse Side)

FROM TOP TO BOTTOM - Euphoria Coral Island, Euphoria Velvet Cobalt & Euphoria Boudoir

FROM TOP TO BOTTOM - Bonita Chareau Rose, Lavinia Embroidery Serenata & Lulu Deep River
FROM TOP LEFT TO CLOCKWISE - Lavinia Embroidery Serenata, Lavinia Embroidery Someret Green & Lavinia Embroidery Twilight

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT - Bonita Chareau Rose, Saskia Round Blue Haze, Bonita Velvet Rosa & Lulu Indigo Sky

FROM TOP TO BOTTOM - Farrah Liliac Ash, Tallulah Tourmaline & Farrah Agave