Temperley Around The World: New York

Alice and model Christine in the Gramercy Park Suite

Team Temperley travelled to New York City in April, to showcase the latest Temperley Bridal Collection during Bridal Week 2013. Setting up in New York’s stunning Gramercy Park Hotel the team presented the collection to international bridal press. Named after the Shakespearian fairy queen Titania, the collection contains a variety of fantasy dresses in silhouettes that celebrate the female form. The ethereal romance of the gowns is characterised by incredible craftsmanship, fine hand embroidery, beautiful beadwork and delicate lace.

Alice straightens the Fern dress which is paired with the elegant Dorothy veil

Close up detail of the brand new Peony dress

Delicate lace and embellishment on the Titania Collection

The collection lined up on display at the Gramercy

Breakfast at the renowned Balthazar Restaurant

Alice poses for a photo with Brides Editor-in-Chief  Keija Minor

Lunch in the beautiful dining room at the Gramercy

The favourite Petunia Skirt and Heather Shirt feature in WWD