The Story of the Honeycomb

The story of the Honeycomb knit is one which predates that of the Temperley London brand – going back sixteen years to when Alice was a student at Central St Martins. One day in 1997, sat at a knitting machine the first Honeycomb was created - an iconic moment as the style has remained a constant and classic element of the Temperley aesthetic ever since.
Transitioning the Honeycomb from its handmade origin was a lengthy task with more than twenty factory samples being created before the look and feel was right, perseverance paid off as the knit has been a staple part of every Temperley London winter collection since 2000. Signature Honeycomb textured pattern is created using only the finest lambswool from luxury spinners Todd and Duncan. Only this yarn which is washed in the highlands of Scotland and specially spun gives the unique bouncy handle which makes the honeycomb so cosy.
While the collection has grown to include jackets, ponchos, tunics, dresses and scarves the Honeycomb story is entrenched in the heritage of Temperley while being still relevant with each new winter collection. These remain Alice’s favourite knitwear piece and ultimate winter staple.

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